Saturday, January 21, 2017

Losing My Head

Some days you just lose your mind, your head, whatever...  January 20th 2017 was one of those days.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Viking Shield Maiden Stops To Enjoy Mayhem and Killing

A Viking Shield Maiden stops to enjoy the mayhem and killing, and then sends her little boys to bed.

A new subspecies of humans has been found and is named Homo Sapiens-Hard Hatticus. More commonly found in isolated safety departments across North America. Usually fossilized, and very old, this species is known to have a very thin skull that requires extra protection. Evolutionary advantage: The thin skull accommodates a much larger brain than other species. The subspecies Hard Hatticus is known to live a very long time. Drop by my office to see my fossilized bones on display.

Danger In The Distance

A stong Viking woman sees danger in the distance. 
(En stark Vikingakvinna se faran i fjärran)

The gentlest of creatures has a dark side.

Horny Devil

Inspired by my love of evolution, and art, and my general horny attitude.

Waiting for Valkyrie

An old and dying Viking Gothi (priest/chieftain) awaits the arrival of the Valkyrie to take him to sit in Odin’s hall in Valhalla. The inscription on the image is written in elder Futhark, and says, “Väntar på Valkyrie”.